Photo 26 Aug 1 note Leadbelly Society, Shreveport. 

Leadbelly Society, Shreveport. 

Photo 14 Aug Thai shrine. 

Thai shrine. 

Photo 29 Jul Burning man. 

Burning man. 

Photo 27 Jul Danse macabre. 

Danse macabre. 

Photo 27 Jul Camels of the Wodaabe. 

Camels of the Wodaabe. 

Photo 27 Jul Father Death. 

Father Death. 

Photo 4 Jul Yoshimi. 


Photo 4 Jul Jack hit Shreveport. 

Jack hit Shreveport. 

Photo 28 Jun 1 note Chicken of the sea.

Chicken of the sea.

Photo 28 Jun Jalal Rumi.

Jalal Rumi.

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