Photo 27 Jul Danse macabre. 

Danse macabre. 

Photo 27 Jul Camels of the Wodaabe. 

Camels of the Wodaabe. 

Photo 27 Jul Father Death. 

Father Death. 

Photo 4 Jul Yoshimi. 


Photo 4 Jul Jack hit Shreveport. 

Jack hit Shreveport. 

Photo 28 Jun 1 note Chicken of the sea.

Chicken of the sea.

Photo 28 Jun Jalal Rumi.

Jalal Rumi.

Photo 16 Jun 17 notes Buk on Flickr.

Buk on Flickr.

Photo 13 Jun 1 note We bake cake. 

We bake cake. 

Photo 8 Jun 1 note Smoking with the rabbit. 

Smoking with the rabbit. 

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